Top Procedures Offered by Cosmetic Dentists

Top Procedures Offered by Cosmetic Dentists from Weiss Advanced Dentistry PLLC in Southington, CTA cosmetic dentist can offer procedures that can improve your smile. These treatments may also help improve your dental function. Discussing your aesthetic goals with your dentist can prepare you for your procedures. Here are the top procedures that your cosmetic dentist may suggest.

Dental bonding

This procedure applies tooth-colored composite resin on the affected teeth. The cosmetic dentist will use this material to cover up stains or damage. Dental bonding can also make the teeth look more even. These restorations can last for about five to seven years with proper care.

Dental implants

The cosmetic dentist will use materials that are not like traditional dental crowns in this procedure. Here, the dentist will administer the right type of sedation and local anesthetic first. Then, cutting through the gum tissue and drilling the implant holes will follow. Placing the titanium rods into the holes will come next. The dentist will stitch the gum tissue, closing the top of the rods. This will encourage healing and the fusion of the rods to the jawbone.

Titanium rods serve as dental roots that stimulate the jawbone. This sends nutrients to the jawbone for tissue repair and growth. It strengthens the jawbone and helps the rods fuse with the bone faster. Healing and recovery will take about nine months, depending on the patient’s ability to heal.

After complete healing, the cosmetic dentist will attach the abutments. These connectors will link the artificial crowns to the rods. The dentist will administer a local anesthetic first before cutting through the gum tissue. Attaching the abutments will come next. Stitching the gum tissue around the abutment will help encourage healing. This will take about two weeks to heal.

The cosmetic dentist will then attach the dental crowns to the abutments. There will be necessary adjustments to tighten and stabilize the teeth. They need to withstand the pressure of biting and chewing. The patient can choose between removable and fixed crowns.

Teeth whitening

Aging can result in dental discoloration. Staining foods and beverages also cause this aesthetic over time. But a cosmetic dentist can correct dental staining with professional teeth whitening. The process will last for about an hour. The dentist can increase the concentration of the whitening agent without hurting the soft tissues of the mouth.

An in-office teeth whitening works faster than at-home teeth whitening. Both systems are from the cosmetic dentist’s formulation. Since the in-office treatment involves the skills of the cosmetic dentist, the patient will get faster results. An at-home teeth whitening system will have slower progress. But it is still more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Porcelain veneers

The cosmetic dentist can offer these dental restorations for many aesthetic issues. These custom shells can cover any dental problem that could have been bothering the patient for years. In the case of dental misalignment, dental veneers can make the teeth look straight. This is a quick alternative to months of wearing braces or aligners. If the patient’s dental staining is deep and severe, the custom-fit shells can cover the stains.

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Your cosmetic dentist can give you an idea of which procedure can help you the most

Teeth can go through many issues, such as staining or chipping. Seeing your cosmetic dentist as soon as possible is necessary. The mentioned popular procedures can restore your teeth and dental health right away. Working with your dentist can make your restorations last.

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