What to Expect During Your First Visit to a Cosmetic Dentist

What to Expect During Your First Visit to a Cosmetic Dentist from Weiss Advanced Dentistry PLLC in Southington, CTStepping into a cosmetic dentist’s clinic gives you the chance to look at how your smile can improve. The first visit will be an educational one. It also gives your dentist a chance to know you better. Here are the things that you should expect during your first visit to your cosmetic dentist.

Comprehensive dental exam

The cosmetic dentist will inspect the patient’s teeth and gums. There will also be dental X-rays that can examine the jawbone and other hidden structures in the mouth. Asking about the patient’s medical and dental history is important as well. This is the time when the patient can ask about any relevant matter about the procedure. The cosmetic dentist can answer these questions and explain whatever is unclear to the patient. Here are the tests that the patient may have:

  • Neck and head exam.
  • Other diagnostic imaging exams like MRI.
  • Check for signs of dental damage, decay, or cavities.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Bite inspection.
  • The need for fluoride treatment or more dental restorations.

Discussion of aesthetic dental goals and treatment options

Talking about the patient’s aesthetic dental goals is part of the first visit. The cosmetic dentist will describe the treatments that can help achieve these goals. The treatments may include teeth whitening or closing dental gaps. It is also possible that the treatment could fix any dental damage.

Taking digital photos of the patient’s mouth can help create a map for the patient’s treatment. Software can present the possible results. It is important to discuss the different treatment options available. The cosmetic dentist will suggest the treatments that can help the most.

The patient may need one or a combination of treatments. The cosmetic dentist will tell the patient the order of the treatments. Explaining their advantages and disadvantages is necessary. Doing so can help the patient make informed decisions about the procedure.

These procedures may take many dental visits. This means that the patient must have time to get each treatment as scheduled. Learning about the requirements of the treatments can help the patient understand the commitment each one needs. Working with the cosmetic dentist means keeping the follow-up visits and following the reminders.

Creating the treatment plan

Once the patient agrees with the treatment plan, the cosmetic dentist will provide a clear outline of the steps. This can guide the patient on how to prepare before the treatment and what to do after. It can also tell the patient how long each appointment will take. The cosmetic dentist will provide an estimate of how much the patient will need to prepare. Scheduling the treatment will be easier for the patient if the dentist covers all the details.

Ending the visit

The cosmetic dentist will ask the patient if there are more questions about the treatment plan. The dentist can provide reading material about the coming treatments. The office staff may request the patient to provide access to previous dental records. Presenting payment or financing options will take place before the end of the appointment.

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The first visit to the cosmetic dentist can help prepare you for your oral transformation

Dental problems can end with your first visit to your cosmetic dentist. This first appointment is important in understanding what will happen on treatment day. It can also help you prepare your finances as well. You can then start scheduling your leave as well once you get through your first visit.

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