Dear Dr. Weiss, 

Thank you so much for the perfect work you did, fixing the space between teeth #14 and #15 on May 31st. I no longer have a flossing problem. 

Hope you and your family have a great summer. 




 Dear Entire Dental Staff, 

When the entire staff comes out to greet us, give us hugs, ask about Dennis’ condition- the way you did- and I can name you but I will call you all staff!  Thank you so much for answering what may have been a more invasive problem, on a day when we didn’t have travel support. To each of you, our dearest thanks for the work, for the timing, for the greetings, and for the caring. Your expertise is invaluable. 

Our deepest thanks, 

Donna and Dennis R

Dear Dr. Zdeblick,

Your expertise and your caring enabled me to overcome life altering dental pain. With your help, I have made incredible progress.  Thank you so much!

When I first came to you, I was like Humpty Dumpty. I felt like I'd taken a tumble into dental oblivion. I had been to numerous, well respected dental professionals, but I wasn't able to resolve the pain. When I became your patient, I was demoralized and skeptical of the dental community.  But I was desperate to try one more time.

You addressed my issues and complaints with equanimity - working closely to understand each one. Then you made the necessary dental adjustments. During my initial appointments, I was very nervous, but I quickly came to respect you and to trust your work. Your skillful, conservative, and careful approach has been invaluable to me and has brought me relief.

Your practice truly embodies your logo 'Excellence In Dentistry.' Words are inadequate to describe how grateful I am for your care! Your office staff has been wonderful as well - friendly and supportive. They are the best!

It is truly a pleasure to be a patient in your practice!

Warmest Regards, 


Dear Dr. Zdeblick,

I want to thank you for encouraging me to get my three implants.  I am glad I did it.  My first three worked so well, that when I lost another tooth I went back and got the fourth one.

I am 96 years old now;  and I was 90 years old when I received them.  I have had six years use of them already.  They have changed my life.  I can smile without being self conscious and I can eat everything. It has improved my nutrition and health.  Teeth are very important to your well being.

Thanks again,

Rita Clark

Dear Dr. Zdeblick,

I'd just like to try to put into words how very grateful I am for my visit yesterday. From the moment I walked in & met Paula, through a very explanatory dental diagram and informative conversation with Dr. Zdeblick. Followed by the kind and gentle treatment I received from getting my ex-rays then to the educational, and very gracious & gentle teeth polishing from the hygienist, Donna.  I'm not sure I am able to put into words how relieved, grateful, hopeful and forever appreciative of the kindness shown to me, by virtual strangers who I'm not sure realized how fearful I was.

I was not sure I could ever get over the shame & embarrassment to finally do something about something I "wear" everyday (my smile). I cannot imagine going anywhere else now & want to thank you all so very much for restoring my hope that I can not only be pain-free someday, but be able to eat normally and hopefully smile again without trying to cover my mouth or be embarrassed by the state of my teeth.  I apologize for being emotional yesterday; I was simply overcome by the kindness shown to me and extremely grateful to you all for not only allowing me to conquer my fear of the dentist’s office but restoring my hope that I may be able to look normal again.

I honestly cannot thank you enough or express just how much of an impact a few hours at your office had on me. There is nothing I will not do to help this process along, and sincerely appreciate from the bottom of my heart, your time, kindness & generosity. I'm beside myself with gratitude & hope.  It feels soooo much better than anxiety, shame & fear. What a difference a day can make!!

All The Best,

Margaret Ruoff (Former anti-dentite)
Hawks Landing Country Club

Dear Dr. Zdeblick,

I truly appreciate all that you have done to help me achieve a more comfortable dental position.  Your knowledge, your skill, your experience, and your receptivity to my feedback have all contributed to a significant improvement in my comfort level.

Over the years, I had a lot of dental work done by well respected professionals that created dental problems which weren’t obvious and readily solvable.  I experienced a great deal of pain and frustration.  Intermixed with chronic discomfort were episodes of intense pain.  When I became your patient, my bite was extremely uncomfortable, and my left upper molars hurt when I moved my jaw sideways to eat.  I suffered from migraine episodes on the left side of my head and experienced headaches in my left temple accompanied by pain in my upper left molars.  A slight scoliosis further complicated these issues.

You worked skillfully and patiently with me, carefully listening to my complaints and responding with the appropriate steps.  Your dental adjustments enable me to eat without pain, the muscles in my face are more comfortable and relaxed, and I no longer experience debilitating migraine headaches.

I am also very happy with the minor cosmetic changes you made to my front teeth.

You and your office staff truly embody your philosophy as stated on your office wall and your web site.  You provide your patients with the highest quality of dental care available, and your genuine concern for people is shared by the entire staff.

How fortunate I am to be able to be work with you!  For complex and difficult dental issues as well as routine and cosmetic dentistry, you are the greatest.  I send my heartfelt thanks for your help and am thrilled with the progress I’ve made.


Carol R.

Dear Patients of Dr. Ted Zdeblick,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my personal experience that I had with Dr. Zdeblick and his staff. I had a bad fall several years ago, which left me with daily chronic back, neck, and jaw pain.  Having tried countless avenues of treatment, I had entered Dr. Zdeblick’s office with little hope.  I was hardly able to verbally describe the details of my constant pain, as the emotional component of this condition left me feeling weak, defeated, and often in tears.  Dr. Zdeblick not only was kind and compassionate to me, but through personal experience, he understood what I was going through.  

It was discovered that I had developed TMJ Disorder as a result of the fall/whiplash, a condition that could cause severe pain, including severe headaches that I was experiencing daily.   Dr. Zdeblick explained to me that my TMJ joint no longer matched my bite, and that a device called a ‘splint’ could be very helpful in reducing many of the symptoms of this TMJ Disorder.  

I have to admit, that I was extremely skeptical at first. I even did my own personal research at home to try to educate myself about the various kinds of dental splints.  This only left me more confused and anxious.  Dr. Zdeblick called me at home one evening, knowing how worried I was about the possible results of wearing this device.  He assured me that this particular kind of splint would NOT permanently alter or shift my teeth in any way, that it would relax the muscles and allow the jaw to go where it was most comfortable. At that time, I decided to give it a try, knowing that I had nothing to lose.  

It is now two years later, and I have to say that this dental splint has changed my life.  I rarely get headaches anymore, and I believe that I have stopped the nightly grinding that I had previously been doing all night long.  I wake us relatively pain-free.  My neck is not as stiff as it used to be, and the cracking sounds that I used to experience in my jaw have disappeared.  Do I still have some pain due to my chronic condition?  Yes, the splint has not solved ALL of my problems, but it has GREATLY reduced many of my symptoms.  I feel foolish now that I hadn’t committed to try it sooner.  During this entire process, Dr. Zdeblick was nothing but consistently patient, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate.  

For anyone suffering from TMJ pain, I highly recommend trying a dental splint, personally fabricated through this office.  In conjunction with chiropractic care, it has made my life so much more manageable, and for that, I am most grateful.


Jill Longo

Dr Zdeblick,

I want to thank you for running the Southington study club. I learned a tremendous amount of dentistry by attending the meetings and interacting with the group. It is a great group of people. I have a foreign accent and it is very hard for me to talk confidently in front of a group. 

I gained a lot of confidence after the Master track presentations and clinical discussions in the Southington Study club. I can appreciate the amount of time and effort it must have taken to prepare the slides and materials. I wish I had the confidence to contribute more. I hope Walter runs the group next year. Will join the New England Master study club and I definitely keep in touch with you.

Thank you for being an excellent, dedicated and selfless educator.

general dentist
Windsor locks

"Who are you??? "

That’s the question I posed to Dr. Zdeblick after we had exchanged pleasantries and initial introductions.  Nothing he said, and nothing in his office indicated he was the “expert” I had been told I needed to resolve the problem with my bite that was causing so much pain and misery.  And then he confirmed it – he was “just” a dentist. I was clearly skeptical, crest-fallen and disappointed.  With tears streaming down my face I explained my history and how I happened to arrive in his office.  He told me not only that he had personally experienced the same type of problem,  but that he had learned the skills that had been successfully used to help him and he thought he could help me as well.  In describing the approach/steps he would take he stated the techniques were “a Science; not and art”.  That clinched it f or me to give it a try as this was the exact opposite of what a previous “expert” had said during his failed attempt to correct my bite – that it was “an art; not a science”.

Once we began treatment I was extremely impressed by how thorough and methodical Dr. Zdeblick was in his examination to determine the underlying physiological issues that could be causing my problems.  He spent considerable time and patience fully explaining what he had found – complete with sketches and descriptions of how things should be working and how they were working in my case.

With the issues identified the next step was to create a mouth piece to help give my jaw the ability to find its natural position and thereby relieve the muscle pain I was experiencing.  Once it was completed I couldn’t believe the complete relief and comfort I felt!!!  The pain was completely gone, and the muscles felt totally relaxed – not only the muscles directly involved, but the generalized secondary tension that I hadn’t realized I was experiencing was also gone!  I felt better than I had in years and I was ecstatic!  Although the mouth piece was supposed to be an interim step – like a crutch or a cast _ I felt such relief having gotten to this point and fear of reverting back that I wanted to stop treatment at this point.  I would have happily lived with that mouth guard for the rest of my life.

Dr. Zdeblick patiently explained and convinced me that it was best to continue the process and begin to correct my bite.  This was a long process in my case, but right from the beginning I could feel incremental improvement.  Sometimes, due to the jaw muscles being fatigued from keeping my mouth open for the adjustments, it was difficult to tell if the bite was okay when I left the office.  Only later when the muscles recovered did it appear that the bite was off too badly for me to wait till the next appointment.  In these cases Dr. Zdeblick would see me again the same day or the next day if I couldn’t return earlier to further adjust the bite.  In time, my bite was fully corrected allowing me to chew on both sides of my mouth without a second thought.  My facial and jaw muscles were pain free; and over time, my teeth were not longer sensitive to clod liquids and foods as they had been before – no more Sensitive toothpaste!

It is now 12 years later and my bite is sill fully adjusted.  My muscles remain pain free and my teeth are better than ever.  Although I still see Dr. Zdeblick regularly since he corrected my bite, these visits have been by large for checkups and cleaning.  On the few occasions when dental work was required to replace old fillings the same adjustment techniques were employed to ensure my bite remained properly aligned.

By chance, I recently met Dr. Zdeblick’s son in the office, I told him that his father had “saved my life” – maybe a better way of saying it is that he gave me back my life – a life free of the pain and misery I had experienced for far too long and the fear that I would have to live the rest of my life in that state.  I an eternally grateful for the care Dr. Zdeblick has given me and my good fortune for having been referred to him.

If you are reading this letter, I sympathize and empathize with you.  Although our histories and conditions are undoubtedly different, I can say you are in a good place.

“Who are you???” Dr. Zdeblick is an exceptionally skilled practioner who may be able to help you as he helped me.  Not only that, but he and his staff are really nice people.  As I stated above, I benefited greatly from Dr. Zdeblick’s skills and experiences leading to a successful resolution to my problems.


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